Dr. Bill Schenck

Bill Schenck
Chiropractor, Clinical Director

Most people know me as a chiropractor, educator and business leader, what you may not know about me is that at one time I was a huge skeptic of chiropractic. At the time I was in pre-med preparing for what I was certain would be a career in medicine. I had also created a list of values that were important to me as a doctor and was surprised when a friend looked at the list and said: “that describes a chiropractor, not a medical doctor.”

I was somewhat taken aback, and remained a skeptic until I actually met a chiropractor; as he described the philosophy and science of chiropractic, the more interested and excited I became that there was a healing profession matching my values.

In 1983 I toured National College of Chiropractic in Chicago and met with the college dean. When he informed me that becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic required the same prerequisites as medical school, I was in. Since that day I have never looked back and have continued to pursue excellence in providing the best natural health care.

I love to help people regain their health and then to help them maintain it for a lifetime, creating what I call “healthy longevity”. I believe this can be achieved through the Four Foundations of Health we practice and promote at Vizuri: Moving Well, Eating Well, Thinking Well, and Free From Nerve Interference.

My personal and professional focus is help you reach your immediate health goal(s), and then help you maintain these to do what you love: stay active, play with your children, be productive at work, travel, dance, play hard, and sleep well.

Thank you for making the personal investment and taking the critical first step to regain and maintain your health for a lifetime.

Be Well,

Dr. Bill


  • "Dr Schenck and his staff are caring, professional and really try hard to help you with your overall health. I've been using them for over 15 years now. Great place! Great doctor!"
    - Ron M. 8/8/2017
  • "Excellent care and attention"
    - Andrew W. 10/21/2017
  • "I hurt my neck at work and suffered for a long time. A friend recommended Vizuri, so I set up an appointment. Dr. Bill and Amber completely changed my understanding of chiropractic care, disease, and taking a proactive approach with one's health. After three solid months of treatment, rehab, health coaching, and patience, my neck is much better! What I did not expect when I started, was how much better I would feel all together! The team at Vizuri has got me running on all cylinders, and feeling better than I have in years! Everyone there are very pleasant, attentive, and have their customer's best interests in mind. I strongly recommend everyone become proactive about their health, and visit Vizuri. They change lives."
    - Isaac B. 1/20/2019
  • "Very happy to be working with the people at Vizuri. Dr. Bill, Amber, Angela, Nina and Tammy, all have been very friendly, helpful and thoughtful. I am excited about my treatments and looking forward to less pain and more movement."
    - Mary B. 2/11/2019
  • "Everyone truly listens which makes specific personal wellness possible. Not a one size fits all treatment program."
    - Krista D. 2/27/2019
  • "I went in with a bit of hesitation after receiving an injury from a recent car accident. The staff greeted me with welcoming smiles, introductions and a tour of my surroundings. I was sore and nervous about being adjusted. With that said, I was able to voice my feelings and was made to feel safe and secure. I also received a personal call hours after treatment to check in on me. Thank you very much to all at Vizuri."
    - Cheryl F 7/12/2019
  • "Couldn’t be more satisfied by my care from Dr. Bill and all of the staff. I originally started coming here for help with my asthma (was able to stop all inhalers because of chiropractic care!) and then continued ongoing treatment. I was rear ended in a snow storm and Dr. Bill came in on one of his off days to give me an adjustment that day and to ensure I wasn’t hurt more. Waiting times are usually less than 5 minutes and all of the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Bill provides excellent care and is genuinely concerned with his patient’s well being. I unfortunately moved out of state and am now looking for a chiropractor that is as good as Dr. Bill! Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about chiropractic care"
    - Kaley M. 1/16/2020

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